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Privacy Policy

Marketing Drivers is committed to protecting your privacy. The information below details how we handle personal information received about you when you visit the Marketing Drivers Website. Kindly note that whilst we make content or services available to you from other websites via links on the Marketing Drivers website, these third party websites are subject to their own privacy policies. If you have any queries or concerns in respect to your personal information, please contact us at: info@marketingdrivers.net

Data we collect

Marketing Drivers collect the details provided by you when requesting further information. This data includes your name and email address.

How we use data collected

We may use your data in a number of ways:

1. For the purposes for which you specifically provided the information.
2. To enhance existing or develop new features, products and services.
3. To improve the Content of our website.
4. To keep you updated about our new or existing products and services.
5. To keep you updated on exciting developments and news.

We may disclose or use your personal data when we, in good faith, believe that the law requires us to do so.

Except as specifically detailed within this section, we will not share your personally identifiable information with any third party.

Your choice

If you, at any time, would like your details to be removed from our records, or you do not wish to receive any notifications about new or existing products and services or kept abreast of exciting developments and news, please contact us at: info@marketingdrivers.net