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Case Studies

"Marketing Drivers was instrumental in driving change from the inside out."


The Task:

  • To develop and establish a Project Office including a supporting infrastructure and processes for successfully delivering Global Brand Projects.
  • To facilitate the recruitment, selection and appointment of staff for the Project Office.


Our Response:

  • Insight was gained through observing key meetings, stakeholder interviews, a review of existing processes, resources and projects - leading to the development of strategic recommendations.
  • Developed and delivered: project management intranet section, physical library of project documentation, "Traffic Light System" for monitoring projects, best practice toolkit & processes, appointment & training of staff, formalisation and alignment of key meetings, organisational design for the Project Office. This was all successfully delivered through a project plan and communication programme.
  • Involved key stakeholders and knowledge transferred throughout the process.


The Result:

  • A Global Brand Project Office operated by a team of people, supported by tools and processes with prime responsibility for managing Global Brand Initiatives.


"Marketing Drivers was instrumental in driving change from the inside out. By putting in place a Project Office supported by the right people, the right processes and the right tools, the team now has the capability to deliver both current and future global brand initiatives. These internal changes are bringing tangible benefits by helping the team deliver outstanding results."

David Haines, Global Marketing Director, Vodafone