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Case Studies

"Thanks to Marketing Drivers, we have seen a positive change in our client agency relationship..."


The Task:

  • To improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the RMG Connect/Mercedes-Benz Team through enhancing existing processes and tools.


Our Response:

  • Insight gained through stakeholder interviews, observing key meetings, a review of existing RMG tools and processes and a review of WPP agencies' learning on similar accounts - leading to the development of strategic recommendations on how to improve the way of working and optimise the existing RMG Connect/Mercedes-Benz relationship.
  • Developed and delivered:  Managed and facilitated a large workshop for the RMG Connect/Mercedes-Benz Team (to validate the existing work practices, share findings and agree the priority areas for development); developed, managed and delivered the action plan for addressing the development areas – key deliverables being: an enhanced agency end to end process (tailored to Mercedes-Benz), a best practice toolkit, a project management checklist, a Mercedes-Benz Community within the existing Intranet including the development of supporting materials and a supporting infrastructure, a Mercedes-Benz Bible, a new SLA, streamlined meetings and a 360 degree Client/Agency evaluation. This was all successfully delivered through a project plan, communication and training programme at a global and local level.
  • Involved and managed key stakeholders and knowledge transferred throughout the process.


The Result:

  • Greater quality solutions through a more efficient, and effective way of working - making a difference for Mercedes-Benz whilst setting a new standard for the Agency.


"I feel that we have finally turned a corner and are starting to make a visible difference for Mercedes-Benz whilst setting a new standard for the Agency. This would not have been possible without Marketing Drivers."

Nelly Andersen, CEO (EMEA), RMG Connect

"Since Marketing Drivers came on board, I have seen a positive progression of change by RMG Connect with many issues being resolved. As a neutral body, Marketing Drivers have also helped to re-establish the ground rules - the way that we work as a partnership - and have delivered enhanced processes and tools to support the RMG Connect Mercedes-Benz Team in how we work going forward. I am now more confident in the relationship and RMG Connect's ability to deliver greater quality solutions. Thank you Marketing Drivers."

Marc Frank, Director CRM/RM, Mercedes-Benz