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Case Studies

"They have made a valuable contribution to our business..."


The Task:

  • To develop insight led recommendations on how to improve the way of working on the Braun Account, in order to deliver outstanding communication for the Client.


Our Response:

  • Insight: 28 stakeholder interviews were undertaken with key representatives from BBDO (Global, European and Local) and Braun (Global) to gain views and perceptions. Reviewed key documents including existing processes and templates.
  • Delivery: Strategic recommendations presented, focusing on the Braun Account but also with consideration to a wider application for the Agency as a whole, and the P&G/Gillette situation. A clear action plan with tangible deliverables for ensuring that the insight is translated into reality.
  • Involvement and management of key stakeholders throughout the process.


The Result:

  • Agreed recommendations identifying key priority development areas.
  • An agreed action plan for improving the overall efficiency and effectiveness in how the team operates, internally (BBDO) and services the Client (Braun) on a worldwide basis.

"Marketing Drivers were quick to grasp the fundamental issues of our business and identify key priority areas for optimising our relationship with Braun. This I believe, was due to their ‘360 insight led approach’ and desire to work with and involve all key stakeholders in the process. As a result, they have made a valuable contribution to our business".

Simon Marlow, Executive Vice President, MD, Director of Multinational Client Services, BBDO

"Marketing Drivers have provided us with clear, valid, recommendations which offer a combination of quick wins as well as longer term practical solutions. Thanks to them, we also have an agreed roadmap for ensuring that the insight is translated into reality. I can finally see light at the end of the tunnel".

Myra Landsburg, Worldwide Brand Director, BBDO

"Marketing Drivers were instrumental in developing keen insight into the relationship between Braun and BBDO, and identifying a clear action plan to significantly improve how agency and client work together. We believe this will bring about a positive change in our relationship and end results."

Braun Communications