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Case Studies

"...The real return on our investment was their ability to turn the insight from the Evaluation into action...We have reaped enormous benefits from this..."


The Task:

  • To objectively evaluate the Nokia (client) Nurture Marketing (agency) Relationship in order to identify and address key development areas for improvement.


Our Response:

  • A customised 360 degree relationship evaluation framework (qualitative and quantitative based) was developed and used to facilitate stakeholder consultations with both Nokia (the Client) and Nurture Marketing (the Agency) key representatives.
  • Powerful insights were generated leading to strategic recommendations including a roadmap which identified and addressed the key priority development areas.
  • Delivered customised best practice processes and tools including a new agency end-to-end process and supporting templates, project management guidelines and a new approach to client relationship management.
  • Involvement and management of key stakeholders and knowledge transferred throughout the process.


The Result:

  • An improved way of working on the Nokia Account whilst setting a new standard for the Agency.

“As specialists in evaluating client agency relationships, Marketing Drivers were able to quickly grasp the key issues of the account and identify key priority areas for optimising our relationship with Nokia. This I believe, was specifically due to their 360 insight led consultative approach with all key stakeholders. However, the real return on our investment was their ability to turn the insight from the evaluation into action. By developing an improved way of working we are now in a better position to serve our client Nokia in the best way possible. This new approach is also providing us with a benchmark for how we manage our other accounts. Marketing Drivers has undoubtedly made a valuable contribution to our business”.

Jennifer Garcia, Managing Partner, Nurture Marketing