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Optimising client / agency relationships

All relationships are dynamic and undergo continuous changes in understanding, communication and expectations. The Client Agency relationship is particularly so given the influences and variables involved.

It is therefore important that on winning accounts both client and agency put the necessary basics in place to help cement the partnership. This will avoid early perception gaps emerging and minimise any potential client dissatisfaction.

To keep the relationship on track with both the Client and Agency clear and committed to optimising the partnership, it is also important that regular evaluations are undertaken of what’s working, what’s not and why. Download our Marketing Drivers Relationship Health Check™ fact sheet to find out more.

This approach will help to ensure that the marriage between client and agency is a happy one and will specifically help to avoid problems or issues occurring which can, if ignored, ultimately lead to divorce.

It is far more cost efficient to keep your partner than to go through divorce and find a new one.

So whether you are an agency who has just won a client account and is looking to lay the foundations for a successful partnership or as an agency or client, you are experiencing a difficult patch in your relationship or perhaps want to proactively manage performance through regular evaluations or simply want to improve the capability of your team/network, we can help.

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